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Defunct SEO Methods for 2018

SEO Methods that No Longer Help in 2018

In spite of what popular notions might suggest, old SEO methods do not always equate with good marketing practices. Business is constantly evolving and along with it, so is the associated methods and it would be wrong to assume that SEO trends that were popular a decade ago would still remain relevant after so long.

Article Submissions

Article directories have never been effective means of SEO and they were essentially ways to get some quick links back to your website. Instead of wasting time with this method and thinking that link building is easy, it becomes important to spend some time and effort in understanding how to work on building good relationships with bloggers and on writing guest posts that are capable of adding value to the website as well as the community while benefitting the user with the exposure to their audience and possibly creating a quality reference from a good website.

Changing Nature of PR

There is more to PR than a simple press release; it is more of a conversation between the company and its various stakeholders. A press release encourages transparency throughout the company and works for the benefit of every party involved in the deal.

Thus, PRs should build awareness and leverage relationships through different markets and channels. Though this might sound similar to link building, press releases for the sake of links alone is not a good idea. It is necessary to remember that there are no quick fixes and everything must be done to foster proper media relations.

Thin Content Development

This is an archaic and bad SEO technique that should not be resorted to. Remember only great content can drive good links and so you should always focus on the outsourcing aspects when writing content for a company and keep in mind who and why you are writing the articles and blogs for.

If you ever get the impression that you are merely stating the same thing over and again, you should stop immediately and go about it in different ways since though there is a limited number of ways in which you can spin certain content, you have to try and make it appealing for the readers.

Create a Unique Voice

Tools have a lot of usage under the right circumstances but it is necessary to use them wisely. Social media should be used as a means to foster relationships and it is capable of helping you gain and keep customers or if used correctly, it can open new doors towards the future and steer your company in better directions. Though automation might seem like the easy way out, it is necessary to remember to be social.

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